2022 MVTAR Final Results

Larry Lindsay will be passing out Winning Plaques and Metals (for those who have not received one in prior years) at two places:

  1. Thur Sept 8th. 6-9pm at The Chinese Restaurant next to Walmart in Napoleon on Route 108
  2. Sun Sept 11th 2-4 pm at the Mallard Lake Picnic Area in Oak Openings Picnic Area.
  3. Tue Sept 13th 6-9 pm at Asian Buffet Potter Village in the Shopping Village at 1114 Oak Harbor Rd in Fremont. 567-203-2229
Join Larry for dinner at one of these buffets or tables.

Note that due to a minor clock rounding issue this year, total times may be a few seconds different than recorded. This affects all teams equally, and doesn't affect ranking. We apologize for the error and are looking at ways to prevent this in future years.

If you are missing something, or have found something, email race@maumeetriadventurerace.net and/or email corrections@maumeetriadventurerace.net with the lost/found item and a description.

Class winners are listed with a star (ex: Your Name), class & plaque winners are listed with a blue star (ex: Your Name), and classes where only one team competed have an information circle at the end (ex: Your Name).

Click the column headers to sort. For class standings, sort by place then class

12MHessian Bin Hamid, Noah Weber104:41:211:561:111:33
26MFMara Bowser, Jackson Bowser, Jacob Weber2906:10:182:471:172:04
32MJay Anderson, Beau Anderson6307:11:292:222:082:40
42MMike Weber, Jeremy Weber6707:28:492:581:382:52
56MFJohn Henry, Matt Watchman, Emma Watchman, Josh Kwiatkowski7408:17:503:162:112:50
64MFGlenn Moehling, Laura Moehling1805:45:352:051:252:14
75MHenry DeLion5306:59:102:281:372:53
83MTaylor Jesko, Mallory Jesko84 (DNF)2:351:28
93MEric Music, Tony Kroegef2505:57:012:121:232:21
103MFSami George, Joe Sami4906:49:202:321:153:01
113MJeff Ward, Rob Ward6207:02:212:121:502:59
123MFScott Mortemore, Denise Mortemore3506:19:242:271:262:25
133MTyler Zellner, Will Harshberger3206:16:062:131:362:26
153MBrian Kennedy, Scott Caudill4406:39:162:271:332:38
165MHunter Tegenkamp1205:36:142:081:222:04
183FJulie Pauhen, Lisa Ferris2205:52:392:041:262:21
193MBruce Schroeder, Tyler Schroeder5907:02:152:081:532:59
203MKyle Schroeder, Kurt Schroeder6107:02:182:081:542:58
215MChad Suffel204:48:161:551:161:36
224MRex Suffel, Gene Shock2405:55:541:551:282:32
233MPatrick Queen, Ethan Queen7107:56:043:081:482:59
243MRon Rook, Jason Meystner4706:47:282:141:372:56
253MRyan Schwegmon, John Greene1605:41:202:001:222:18
265MJosh Rupli4606:46:482:141:492:42
275MSteve Robinson2005:48:342:141:272:06
285MChad Adams1005:32:442:021:152:13
293MJeff Colvin, Jeff Colvin1505:40:552:011:242:14
305MDavid Conway5707:02:062:231:432:55
315MEthan Conway5807:02:082:231:432:55
335MBrandon Noriel7908:54:023:172:093:26
343FJackie Chiesa, Lyndsey Peebles1405:38:552:041:232:11
355MBradon Nichols304:50:191:531:111:46
365MSimon Mescher4806:48:262:461:472:13
373MBrian Kaestner, Cole Kaestner5206:53:532:361:412:35
386MJeremy , Cameron Goins, Doug Van Wormer404:53:051:411:131:58
393MFLauren Kennedy, Joe Keil6407:12:352:431:342:54
403MFCarl Gougler, Morgan Srail8309:53:074:102:123:30
415FSarah Carpenter4206:31:332:261:302:34
433MKurt Beach, Reese Shull2806:08:283:091:311:27
445MTime Bilen3606:23:142:221:272:33
457MRichard Fox2305:55:272:151:332:06
465MKelly Aldrich4006:28:322:191:432:24
473MFAdelle Rodriguez, Nat Rodriguez7007:50:453:031:542:53
483MJon Goldman, Max Eboch6907:50:063:031:542:52
493MScott Viola, Kendra Viola3806:24:112:311:302:22
505MTodd Campbell2705:59:161:571:412:19
512MKaleb Lewandowski, Jarred Raab3106:12:512:051:392:28
523MJim Parker, Angelo Orlando5006:50:552:481:302:32
535FHeather Plowman1705:44:061:551:252:23
543FMarina Colemen, Makahlen Hiser4506:42:022:271:312:42
554MJim Burkhardt, David O'Connell4306:34:272:171:322:44
563MFJohn Klear, Marina Eolerra3006:12:072:141:262:31
575MMike Bowden3906:28:282:181:432:26
585MZachary Pilmore2605:59:131:571:402:20
593MFJulie Suever, Zac Bricker1905:47:362:151:212:10
603MChris Baker, Caleb Baker1305:38:102:111:281:58
615MTerry Howard8109:21:213:202:203:40
623MLeon Erickson, Rob Cooper6007:02:162:361:372:48
635MEd Mullaly905:24:352:031:142:07
645MJared Drake705:04:412:041:141:45
655MTroy Amundson605:03:331:541:072:01
665MMatt Taddie805:24:232:031:132:08
671MFSarah Zemains, Tommy Zemains7608:41:063:581:582:44
683MFRachelle Rauh, Nathaniel Smith7708:49:093:292:382:41
693FKelly Lensman, Leah Baker3406:18:032:171:412:18
707MSteve Mack3306:16:392:261:282:21
715MKovin Menchaca504:58:411:491:231:45
725FBrittany Norviel8008:54:143:172:093:26
733MFMark Stratmann, Beth Stratmann7308:17:212:291:474:00
745MJackie Dean2105:49:582:191:232:07
755MJason Grow5106:51:072:081:213:21
765MJacob Millspaw8209:21:273:212:183:41
773MBrian Hay, Curtis Hay6607:25:232:271:513:06
787MTod Boyd6507:23:362:371:333:11
805FDanielle Wilson7808:49:123:242:422:41
815MArion Martin85 (DNF)5:19
835MZach Heinfeld1105:33:102:121:182:02
842MJeremy DeMuth, Ethan Edit7508:30:403:052:173:07
853FGigi Mason, Kara Llewellyn5406:59:142:181:472:53
865FAmy Yons3706:23:332:291:342:19
875FSara Atkinson8606:36:332:231:482:24
885MKailin Allie5506:59:172:181:472:53
895FMiya Weber6807:28:592:551:412:51
915FChristy Appel5607:00:322:361:412:43
925FBeth Strutman7208:17:162:511:443:41
935MKendall Thaker4106:29:582:021:292:57