2021 MVTAR Final Results

Due to the pandemic causing cancellations, we are unsure of several team's names. If you were, or have times that may be what is listed as teams 21, 33, 67, 68, 69, or your name or class isn't correct, please get in touch by emailing corrections@maumeetriadventurerace.net at any time before October 24th, or by calling Larry Lindsay at 419-304-1026 by Friday October 22 at noon. Larry is only available 7:30-8:00 a.m. & 10:00-10:30pm.

If you are missing something, or have found something, email race@maumeetriadventurerace.net and/or email corrections@maumeetriadventurerace.net with the lost/found item and a description.

Class winners are listed with a star (ex: Your Name), class & plaque winners are listed with a blue star (ex: Your Name), and classes where only one team competed have an information circle at the end (ex: Your Name).

Click the column headers to sort. For class standings, sort by place then class

11MBrett Bledsoe, Kyler Bledsoe2207:04:492:211:582:45
33MDon Sartin1306:22:552:101:362:35
95MRobert Terry1506:33:582:151:392:39
143MFJim Parker, Teri Stencil1106:11:592:221:282:21
165FSusan Shadley805:54:302:161:312:06
193MFBev Clinton, Mike Frushour2507:21:262:542:012:26
213MFWyn Hall, Sarah Carpenter2607:21:342:541:472:39
233MFTorey Bonds, Greg Hill1806:41:202:261:422:32
243MJack Dean, Chad Adams1706:37:122:241:372:35
253MFBlake Balka, Kelsey Balka3808:21:022:273:072:46
265MChris Warnement906:06:362:091:372:18
275MDavid Conway50 (DNF)2:24
285FLeslie Thompson1906:43:072:281:322:41
293MChris Baker, Caleb Baker405:18:582:081:181:52
313MFEvette Gable, Paul Gable705:51:282:151:152:19
323MFBob Gerzetich, Molly Gerzetich2707:24:322:472:122:25
335MUnknown Unknown505:37:172:051:202:11
343MFAaron Mast, Christina Mast4008:21:402:273:032:51
354MBernie Camp, Paul Camp605:48:552:021:312:15
362MFMaya Shoviak, Ethan Tonkel3908:21:293:142:202:46
373MRon Rook, Jason Moystner1606:35:132:021:432:49
385FKyleigh Hottsberry1006:06:382:101:372:19
393MGlenn Hoehnc3708:02:402:201:483:54
407MTerry Howard3307:52:163:291:582:24
411MHassen Bin Hamid, Noah Weber104:56:041:461:191:49
435MAndy Drumm1206:19:232:221:402:15
441FTammy Petre, Olivia Baun4809:37:574:152:163:06
456MRyan Lingar, Dan DeSloover, Andy DeSoover2307:06:322:441:422:39
467MBob Seeman3107:28:572:132:043:11
477MGary Boelm2907:28:352:132:043:11
485MTyler Atkins2007:00:532:341:402:46
496MFCraig Aman, Michelle Aman4208:31:083:011:413:48
506MJosh Kwiatkowski3207:32:013:281:562:06
515MJohn Arnold3007:28:472:132:043:11
532MSimon Mescher4108:29:523:122:222:55
543MJon Goldman, Max Eboch4408:41:013:102:402:50
553MFAdelle Rodriguez, Nat Rodriguez-Steen4708:46:333:132:382:55
563FAmanda Gwtek, Rachel Adams4308:31:153:012:372:52
576MFJulie Suever, Zac Bricker305:13:132:201:261:26
583MJeremy DeMuth, Ethan Eidt4508:42:523:312:272:44
593FHolly Schultz, Chrissy Schultz2107:02:232:372:002:23
605MDavid Petre4909:38:004:152:183:04
611MJay Anderson, Beau Anderson3608:02:132:372:213:03
634MJim Burkhardt, David OConnel1406:31:192:081:372:44
645MJason Grow2407:07:552:201:223:25
652MTrent Berry, Kale Long2807:28:182:451:193:22
662FSamantha Melkus, Sarah Hartley4608:43:303:312:182:54
675MTroy Amundson205:02:051:501:121:59
685FChristy Appal3407:58:273:032:002:53
695MSteven Mack3507:58:293:032:002:53